Monday, January 24, 2005

Weekend what-have-yous

Saturday was spent at a kid's party in Pampanga --- Jason's officemate's baby girl celebrated her first b-day complete with lotsa food, balloons and well, everything else you can think of in a kid's party. We met up with Jason's pother officemates in SM Annex, who turned out to be pretty fun to hang with --- Iris, Helen, Lita and the rest were pretty great, and i had a blast hangin with Helen's niece and nephew (the kid promised he'd visit me that night donning his Batman costume, heheh). On the way back we had a short detour through Caloocan because we apparently took the wrong van (it was heading to the LRT1 terminal,not the LRT2 as we thought). Still twas good since we got to top off the afternoon with shakes from Cafe Bola and a vcd-fest of Sopranos. hehhee
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Had coffee and conversation with gal pals yesterday --- it was great to chat with them again! My friend Haydz, Herb and Char met up with me for several reasons: one, Char and I are currently working on a side project (translation thing), Haydz and I haven't seen each other for a looong time, and herb and i wanted to finally give each other our xmas gifts. hehhehe ...

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Kudos to my sweetie who got in one of his priority Universities! :-) I am so darn proud of him! (insert mushy compliments here) I love you! :-*

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The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have linked to your blog.

I read all kinds of books - my favorites include Catcher in the Rye, Life of Pi, Harry Potter, Tuesdays with Morrie, Five People You Meet in Heaven, Arc of Ambition, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

On a sidenote, is your Significant Other planning to pursue an MBA or some other advanced degree?

wanderlust junkie said...

ey thanks! :-) I like reading all sorts of books which interests me --- you might wanna check out Nigel Cawthorn's interesting anecdotes about sex lives of famous people. Finished Sex Lives of Great artists and am beginning sex lives of Great dictators soon. Pretty interesting read about some really bizaare personalities. :-D

My S.O. is gonna take up Medicine proper and may get a double degree (MBA for Marine Bio) :-)

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